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Alice Barnes – Chair


I first started triathlon in 2012 – a friend suggested it and it seemed like a good idea at the time and here I am five years later, still thinking it’s a good idea (well, at least some of the time).   I currently race Sprint and Standard distance and have done so at GB age-group level.

My life consists mainly of family life, training, eating & sleeping. I’m also involved in Royston Swimming Club, where I volunteer coach part time, organise their galas and various other tasks. If I do get any spare time I like to catch up with non-triathlon friends or do creative things like drawing, furniture renovation, housework. No, who am I kidding? – I enjoy a curry and a few glasses of wine – that’s more realistic these days!

When I’m not training, I am a mum to two boys, work in an office part time and am a swimming teacher. I am ASA level 2 qualified, a J1 swimming judge and a level 1 running coach. I also used to own a running shop, so can advise on running shoes and running form.

Triathlon has something for everyone, is great for the mind and body and is full of the most amazing and friendly people. Everyone is really supportive and helpful. I love that you can compete at all levels, distances and speeds and there’s a challenge in each and every race.

Guy Thompson – Vice Chair


Hello, just a little about me.

I came to triathlon from mainly a running and mountain bike background – I have been running with Royston Runners since 2002.  In that time I have completed many events including seven marathons, two ultras and the outlaw triathlon (iron distance).

Whilst I was training for my first and fastest marathon I was coached by my life long friend, who had just completed an Ironman. I was hooked thereafter.

In summary: I’m rubbish at swimming but getting faster on the bike and can hold my own in anything up to half marathon.

I dislike anyone who cheats and anyone with a Santa Cruz mountain bike (long story and only a handful of people know the story). My nickname is Squid, due to my brilliant swimming style(!), and a mix up on a road race – they called me Steve Quid all day. We have a great little club that continues to grow and develop.

Liz White – Club Secretary

11998119_10153612812163910_1548004850_nAKA Josh’s mum! Brought up in Cornwall, I spent my childhood, whenever possible, in the sea and cycling around the Cornish lanes and hills. Despite participating in many sports over the years, running was something I did not enjoy. With one of those age milestones looming a few years ago, I decided to confront this. Triathlon was my motivation. From being able to run just a few hundred metres I progressed over a year to 5km. Our local Wimpole Park Run has been a big incentive in my gradual improvement. In 2013 I completed my first Sprint triathlon.

This year I finished my first half marathon and now really enjoy running, especially the longer distances. In September 2015 I completed my first standard distance triathlon at St Neots and have already signed up for a middle distance event in Nottingham next year. I’m certainly one of the slower competitors but this does not worry me, just as long as I finish a few seconds ahead of my husband, David! I love taking part in events and my big regret is not having started this great sport sooner.

Elspeth Gutteridge – Treasurer

A latecomer to most elements of triathlon, I find it all quite challenging! It’s all the fault of  my doctor for telling me I should do some concussion exercise. Apparently he meant running, not falling off horses, which is what I was more used to doing. So I started on the C25K programme just over 2 years ago, & the rest, as they say, is history. I lacked the willpower to do the training without a goal, and so, having been a club swimmer many many moons ago, I thought triathlon would fit the bill. I entered a super sprint tri (London 2015) & loved it…….once the pain wore off. My nemesis is the bike as I hate riding in traffic & have some weird panic reaction to stopping, but I’m even getting better at that.

Life outside triathlon involves working part-time for Garden House Hospice in Letchworth doing data stuff, keeping the books for my husband Chip’s business, being part-time carer for my 90 year old Dad, and feeding & exercising our 4 dogs, 2 horses & donkey.


Caroline Baker – Membership Secretary


carolineI started running in 2006 with the aim of completing the Race for Life. My running progressed over the years up to half marathon distance and then a friend suggested that I might like to do a triathlon. I signed up for one 6 months away and then started panicking!

I started adult lessons as my swimming was passable but I had no stamina and struggled to complete even two lengths without struggling for breath. It took a few months before I was confident to do 400m and then I knew I would be fine for my first super sprint triathlon in July 2012. I went on to do a few more pool based triathlons before progressing to open water and completed my first sprint distance triathlon in September 2014. My favourite discipline is cycling and I love triathlon as it welcomes all types of abilities and there is a distance to suit everyone.

Rachael Cubberley – Head Coach


I’ve always been a runner having started early at primary school, competing for my school and later my university. Since then I’ve gone on to run numerous races from 5km to marathons and ultra marathons, completing the Grand Raid of Verdon (France) in 1999, a 120km, 3 day, mountain race. However, for the last 15 years I have been an active triathlete competing at all race distances with perhaps the most challenging of these events being Ironman Wales (2011 and 2013) and Ironman Austria (2015). It’s true to say that I much prefer to go long.

I am a senior lecturer in Physiotherapy and Sport Therapy, as well as being a chartered physiotherapist. I have a particular passion for understanding human anatomy and physiology which, along with my Level 2 BTF coaching qualification, gives me a good insight into the workings of the athletes I coach. Of course, it’s a continuous journey but this knowledge offers a base from which I can confidently coach, support and encourage those I work with.

My enthusiasm for athletics based sport has been further fuelled (not that I need it) by my recent selection as one of the official physiotherapists for the World Athletics Championships in London this summer (2017). I can’t pretend not to be excited to be working with some of the best athletes in the world.

My ambition is to learn to play my guitar so that it can stop being a handy place for spiders to live in.

Jane Meggitt – Welfare Officer


janeI have always enjoyed running, 10ks and half marathons are my favourite distances. I work in the NHS and find running a brilliant way to unwind and de-stress. Over the last 20 years I have run in lots of interesting places – Wimpole Hall and Susegana in northern Italy are my favourites. I am not very fast but can keep going and run a respectable time.

Then came the bike. My husband Ashley was keen I should join him out on the south Cambridgeshire country roads and bought me a Giant road bike.  Ten years later I have learnt to love the bike, especially my latest beautiful Bianchi bike and cycling with friends.  You have to have the kit!

That just leaves the swim. Not my favourite discipline but I have learnt to front crawl thanks to my coach and friends at Melbourn swimming pool and now enjoy our weekly training sessions.  I will never be a natural swimmer but as long as I am proficient that will be good enough for me.

So after a number of successful sprint triathlons (Blenheim, London, Maldon, Norwich, Bedford), I have signed up for my first Olympic distance triathlon at Hever Castle in September. They say life starts at 50 and now that my children have left home / at university I have no excuses about the training.

Being part of Meridian Triclub is also a big step for me but if I can do it, any one can. It’s a lot more fun sharing the experience and you will be surprised just what you can achieve with a little help from those who have done it all before.



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