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Meridian Tri Club - Members Only

A triathlon club for Royston and the surrounding area.
Andy Campbell
Andy CampbellTuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 8:09pm
Really enjoyed my first ever time trial tonight. Can't wait to beat my time. (Suspect stop watch issues as my strava time is 1 minute quicker then stopwatch time)
Pete Crossley
Pete CrossleyTuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 10:37pm
Hi guys,
Excuse the crap photo, but I've posted it to show the most recent configuration of my pride and joy. It got stolen this evening from the bike lock-up by Rutland bikes in the middle of Cambridge. If you have any ideas on how/where to circulate in the hope of finding it, please let me know. I have a few bikes, but this was the one which I'd have saved from a fire... gutted.
Thanks, Pete.
Caroline Baker
Caroline Baker shared a link to the group: Meridian Tri Club - Members Only.Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 8:03am
London triathlon on Saturday at 7am. (Was looking to see if the Outlaw one will be on soon and spotted it)
Kimberley Mangelshot
Kimberley MangelshotMonday, July 24th, 2017 at 11:18pm
Fabbest of days and I am still euphoric. Journey to Outlaw was immense...knee no running til day after i found out i won the entry and the fab wetsuit from blueseventy.24 weeks later...

2500 miles cycling
95000 metres swimming
480ish miles running
50 weights sessions and 50 yoga sessions.
One bike topple with whiplash 8 wk ago.
A cold..the uti..then eye infection last week . Gettingback out asap.

Felt expectations.

Race brief..key message : ability vs ambition. ✔ logged

3am sunday..brekki..
4am on site..dark walk down lake with family and trusty track pump.
Into transition..pinch test. Tyres hard as put bags on..saw Katherine Probert..saw ready ..
540am lakeside ..bizarrely first person in to 80 to 100 min eta front..heck..oh feck..go for it. BEST SWIM EVER. 1.22.01. Fierce on my part.kicked anyone that tickled me..bog off..i drafted and held ground..fastest ever 3.8km and woop wooped as i got out..then stripper whipped off my suit..i say!

Saw KP in T1 a fraction behind me..few pegs we went

As i got outside tv camera crew thrust camera in my chops whilst i was running in cycle shoes .and eating hot x bun...nice tv image..chatted and wooped more..til got to bike and the presenter interviewed me..lots more euphoria talk of fueling on hot x buns.ha ha.

Ran to on but couldnt clip in...faffed for few secs..then pushed off and hit 17mph round 5k lake before exit. Saw team probert who hollered.

Simply ace bike. Easy

Had to stop at one fuel stop which lost me 3 to 4 speedfil totally empty and it meant 2 bottles which i couldnt do in move through feed stop.

Pushed on smiles all way. Needed pee..on bike..looked round..slowed down to allow me to pee after they was KP! Chatted ....then i dropped back...peed on bike..yep...i did..felt fab.

Played tag with KP for hmm 12m? Great to support each other. Saw Guy and team probert andxteam Dolan on course..and team Mangel ..fab lift..thank you.

Back to T2..smashed pb 6hr25 (50min faster) .. went for no change out in 4.40 (13.30 in 2014!!)..would that bite me later..yep.

M1 run..too fast..wayyy too fast 7 34. Loo break m2 hmm. Fine again til m13...half way..on track just for sub 5.

Dark places m21 to 23..wanted it over..didnt smile then..but all other times did ..hug from friend Sue who was giving out wristbands at each lap...
Last 3m..dug in...ran euphorically thru finish .like olympic hero..nailed.

Our 15 yo meantime had tried to run to meet n run finish stretch and went over on ankle..ended up in medical as v v swollen..hubby dropped me to hotel. He took her to at 2am..thankfully no fracture..23hr after we got up.

Now 11pm Mon..I am still euphoric..time for bed xx
Caroline Baker
Caroline BakerTuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 7:54pm
Some blurry pictures of people riding fast - and a bonus one of Lee!
Trevor Lunnon
Trevor LunnonTuesday, July 25th, 2017 at 4:46pm
Top for Guy Thompson



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