Meridian Triathlon Club Kit

If you are looking to buy some new kit, have a look at the list below. We do hold popular items in stock, other items can be ordered by contacting Neil Rowland Hall at

Generally the Tri and Cycling kit is a snug fit and many people order a size up, but if in doubt arrange to try the item on, either by asking people in the club who wear the kit, or by contacting Neil.

We aim to place two kit orders a year and these will tend to be in June and November.

RACESKIN Meridian Triathlon and Running Kit

 Male and Female sizes available – Female Sizing ChartsMale Sizing Charts

  • Triathlon Suit with pockets and teflon coating – £118
  • Triathlon Suit with Sleeves and teflon coating – £132
  • Triathlon Top with pockets and teflon coating – £65
  • Running T.Shirt – £30
  • Running Vest – £25.00

RACESKIN Meridian Triathlon Cycling Kit

Unisex sizes only

  • Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey (full zip) – £49

SCIMITAR Meridian Triathlon Cycling Kit

Male and Female sizes available – Scimitar Size Chart

  • Short Sleeved Cycling Jersey (short zip) – £38.34
  • Long Sleeved Cycling Jersey (full zip) – £42

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