The club is supporting the following events and these are part of our Club Championships 2019:


OW: Open Water
Pool: Pool Swim
TEER League: Triathlon England Eastern Region League
* = Indicates races which are also part of Triathlon England East Region League





  • 4th August – Trifarm – OW – Sprint *


  • 1st September – St Neots Triathlon – OW – Super Sprint or Sprint or Standard (Only Sprint is a TEER League Race) *


  • date unknown – Haverhill Triathlon – Pool – Sprint and Sprint+


Each year the club runs a triathlon league, open to all members, with 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies available for men & women, as well as age-group awards.

In January of each year, the Committee publishes the list of events which will form part of the club league for the forthcoming season. The list will have regard to the races to be included in the Triathlon England Eastern Region league, but will not necessarily correspond completely.  Races of a variety of distances will be included to ensure that the league is open to as many members as possible.

Points out of 10,000 will be awarded to all members taking part in any of the nominated races, based on their performance (finishing time) relative to the winner of their gender age-group at each race. Members can take part in as many events and at any distance in the league as they wish, but only their best 3 performances will count towards their league placing.

A bonus of 2,500 points will be awarded to any member taking part in the nominated relay event.

At the end of the year, the best 3 points awards for each member will be accumulated and added to any relay bonus points to give an aggregated total for each member. These points totals will be ranked to determine the league winners.

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