Club Championships 2022

This year’s club triathlon league will run in a very similar way to the years before Covid struck. Everybody can take part by competing in any of the events listed below. Once the results of each event are published, you will be scored out of 10,000 points for each event based on your time relative to the winner of your BTF age-group. There are 2 exceptions to this: Results from Walden (May) and Haverhill (October) will be scored out of 12,000 to encourage a good club attendance.

In addition, anybody taking part in the Bedfordshire Team Relays on 24 July will be awarded a points bonus.

At the end of the season, the total of points from your best 3 races will be calculated and awards will be given for the top 3 totals, male & female. In addition, there will be awards to the winners of 3 age-bands: 21-40, 41-50, 51+, male & female, based on your age at the end of the year.

The list of races is similar, but not identical to the races in the Triathlon England Eastern Region League, ( East Region league info so with careful planning, you can earn points in both leagues without having to race every week!

Good Luck everyone!

Event List 

1 May Walden (pool) S/Spr & Spr
8 May HSV (pool) Spr
22 May Hertfordshire (OW) Spr & Std
5 June Grafman (OW) Middle (TEER Championship)
26 June Norwich (OW) Spr & Std (TEER Spr Championship)
3 July Holkham (OW) Middle 
17 July Gosfield (OW) Std
24 July Team Relays (OW) Spr, Bonus points only
14 Aug Bedford (OW) Std
11 Sept St Neots (OW) Spr & Std (TEER Std Championship)
2 Oct Haverhill (pool) Spr & Spr +

Hall of Fame 2021:


1st Mark Wilsher
2nd Robert King
3rd Steve Douglas


1st Emma Koppe
2nd Alice Barnes
3rd Kimberley Mangelshot

Hall of Fame 2020:


1st Robert King
2nd Rob Buky
3rd Mark Whitehead


1st Alice Barnes
2nd Anna Janke
3rd Caroline Baker

Hall of Fame 2019:


1st Nathan Lang
2nd Trevor Lunnon
3rd Mark Wilsher


1st Caroline Baker
2nd Beth Hart
3rd Jess Crane

Hall of Fame 2018:


1st Neil Rowland-Hall
2nd Stephen Douglas
3rd Robert King


1st Beth Hart
2nd Caroline Baker
3rd Jane O’Callaghan

Hall of Fame 2017:


1st Neil Rowland-Hall
2nd Mark Wilsher
3rd Stephen Douglas


1st Caroline Baker
2nd Anna Jermain
3rd Elspeth Gutteridge

Hall of Fame 2016:

Male Club Champion – Stephen Douglas
Female Club Champion – Alice Barnes

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