Jordan 3rd at Around the Rock!

11807368_10101330432435141_638350323837927003_oIn his own words:

Successfully swam the 5km to and from Alcatraz without a wetsuit, 1st sea swim, 1st 5km swim, 1st non wetsuit OW swim, no shark attacks, bit cold, some pit chafe, no earth quakes, just alot of chop, sea water doesn’t taste nice, peeing while swimming is really weird, came 3rd, well pleased, time to fly home!

In all seriousness though it was a amazing event, 25 people, personal kayak to site off, mad currents and chop made it a tough swim when you turned round the back of the island all. Some context as to calibre of attendees 1st place was Golda Marcus a 2x olympic swimmer who holds the Salvadoran records in 4/8/1500 in 1:25, second in 1:28 was a guy who swims national US level and me repping Meridian Tri in 1:29. I’m humbled to have come 3rd.

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