2017 Awards Night


Meridian Awards Night Powerpoint Presentation

Fun Awards:
MTC green shorts award Lee, Katherine, SimonLee – for that mankini!
Club Supporter of the yearRobert King, Claire, Stephen, Mark Wilsher, Steve ARobert – for always offering help and support
Club coupleSquid & Stigs, Claire & Paul, Anna & AliceSquid & Stigs – just because!
You never knew it was a problem until it happened award!Chantal, Lee, Steve D, Alice, Lucie, JordanChantal – for getting lost on the TT and for those jelly babies
Stop Carping on! (phobia award)AnnaAnna – pretty bloomin’ obvious why!
Journalist in the making 'best race report'Mark Wilsher (for writing so many!), Steve DSteve D – for that report
Naughty SchoolboyGerry, LeeGerry & Lee – anyone who’s ridden with Lee or swum with Gerry will know.
The Body' awardSteve A, Lee (for baring all on too many occasions)Steve A – for 0% body fat (we’re all jealous)
'Serious' awards:
Chairman's: outstanding contribution to club lifeClaire, Stephen D, Caroline, Matt Claire – for everything…smiling, laughing, supporting, kit purchasing
Chairman's: outstanding newcomerMark Wilsher, Robert King, Mark WhiteheadMark Wilsher – for being too good this early on in his tri career
Coach awardsCoach awards Ashley/Rachael - Michael; Josh - Trevor; Alice - Mark Whitehead.Michael, Trevor, Mark Whitehead
Captains awardsStephen D - Caroline; Jane - GuyCaroline & Guy

Club Championship:


1st Neil Rowland-Hall
2nd Mark Wilsher
3rd Stephen Douglas


1st Caroline Baker
2nd Anna Jermain
3rd Elspeth Gutteridge

Time Trial League:

Men: 1st Mark Wilsher, 2nd Mark Whitehead, 3rd Steve Andrews
Women: 1st Caroline Baker, 2nd Elspeth Gutteridge, 3rd Kimberley Mangelshot

TT Short Course winners: Mark Wilsher & Caroline Baker

TT Long Course winners: Jordan Rogers-Smith & Claire Duguid

Hill Climb:

Fastest: Steve Andrews & Claire Duguid
Most improved: Mark Wilsher & Caroline Baker

Coach Awards:

From Rachael and Ashley: We’ve taken into account all those who attended the summer brick and winter turbo sessions that we’ve coached over the last year. We looked at attendance, effort, engagement, improvement and general good egg-ness when deciding on who to bestow the Coaches award. The person we have chosen has been a regular at both summer and winter sessions, goes about the business of training with quiet determination, never complains (just the odd rye smile) and always takes a moment to thanks us for our time. So, this year’s award goes to Michael Curtis , an athlete who makes little fuss but big efforts. We’d also like to put in an honourable mention to Rhyan Probert who has also been a stalwart of the Wednesday coached sessions. Thanks to all of you who came to our sessions – it’s been a fun year.

 From Josh: Trevor always attends the swim sessions on a Thursday and doesn’t give up. For sheer determination, keeping going and effort, my award goes to Trevor.

From Alice: My award goes to Mark Whitehead. Mark started learning to swim front crawl with me in autumn 2016, with his wife Helen. He was an absolute beginner and last year undertook his first triathlon. I was so proud of his achievements last year and in particular was overjoyed to see him swim at Havertri, in a lane with others – just a few months earlier, sharing a lane with other swimmers would have made him panic and struggle with his swim breathing, so it was a huge achievement.

Captain Awards:

From Stephen: Caroline epitomises being a club member; trains hard, is friendly and helpful to others, and if not competing attends events to support other club members.

From Jane: Always encouraging, and putting his hand up to do things for the club, supporting the club in so many ways – TT & hill climb organisation. Great at getting people involved, supporting quietly from behind the scenes, getting things done with a cheeky comment or two and a sense of humour. Oh and he also had time to do a bloody good IM in 2017.

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