MTC Club Time Trials

As an addition to the current club championships we are intending to add another series of time trials, so that everyone who might not want to race in a triathlon can take part in a ‘slightly’ competitive session.
The event will host four races around our 8 mile (7.88) time trial course starting and finishing just outside Littlington – in the layby opposite the Steeple Morden Airfield memorial. These races will be timed and added to a leader board. At the end-of-year awards we will present an award for the Fastest girl and boy and also the Most Improved girl or boy.


We will run the TT on four dates. You will need to complete the TT route timed on three separate occasions, two of which should be on the dates shown below and another as a solo effort. If you are on the club Strava page then your time should be logged automatically for your solo ride but do please let us know that you’ve completed it (send us an email with the date, so we can check that we can see it). If you are not on the club Strava then please send/show us a screen grab/photo of your chosen fitness app page showing the data. If you do several attempts on your own – send us each effort and we’ll use your best one across the period and we can also see your improvements, if any, for the Most Improved award. For the official TT dates below Strava times will NOT count but instead it will be the stopwatch time taken by the Timekeeper.

We will do another Recce ride one Sunday club ride soon, so you can test the route, and I will also see if I can repost the video of the route. The route is on Strava as a segment: – GT’s TT

Time period for the challenge is 25th June to 31st October.

Official club sessions timed with each rider being separated by 60 seconds. First rider off at 6.45pm

1st TT – 25th July (Tuesday) – Litlington at 6.30pm
2nd TT – 8th August (Tuesday) – Litlington at 6.30pm
3rd TT – 13th August (Sunday) – HQ at 9am
4th TT – 10th September (Sunday) – HQ at 9am
FINAL TT and Freewheel Competition – 22nd October (Sunday) – HQ at 9am

Remember to bring lights and warm clothing (please park in either of the villages and ride to the start line as we don’t want to over congest the layby) or ride over as a warm up.

If you are taking part in either of the Tuesday rides please email/Facebook to say you are coming – we will post on Facebook the week before as a reminder and we’ll also remind you in the weekly newsletters – but DO please put the dates in your diary. If you are able to be a marshall at any of the TT sessions please let us know – we would be grateful for your support. Just one marshall required at each event.

Start getting your training in now!

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