Newmarket Triathlon – 15th May 2016 by Chris

Newmarket Tri report.

Hi all. Unlike some

I live reasonably close to Newmarket so up at 6am and no ice to be removed before setting off. I hadn’t had chance to train as much as i wanted to for the event and the butterfly’s had started the moment I left the house. The transition area felt relaxed with a great atmosphere which gave me time to have a chat to myself and sort myself out.

Post briefing I made my to the warm up pool as I was due to start at 0833hrs. With swimming being my weakest discipline I’m never quite sure how’s its going to pan out. However I guessed i’d take about 7 mins in fact it was 7:13 BOO. As I excited the pool I was feeling in a far more “buoyant” mood than when I dropped in the pool and as I made my way to my bike I heard some people shouting “c’mon Chris”. I looked but due to the sun and the pool water that was being influenced by gravity from my hair, I couldn’t see who it was. But I now realise there was Meridian Tri club supporters nearby who must have heard the club name mentioned on the PA so figured they ought to give some encouragement to this bloke spitting bubbles who no ones ever met – “bless him”!!

A HUGE thank you BTW as you all know it does make a difference when someones shouting encouragement. T1 was OK for a bungling armature such as myself = 1m02s

The bike section went OK and I really enjoy the little undulations it throws up from time to time. I overtook 2 others before getting to the first foot down and stop point and then had a game of “i’ll overtake you and you can overtake me” with #63 for the remainder of the ride. He finally overtook me for about the fourth time in between Stetchworth toll roundabout and Newmarket on the way back in and opened a gap of about 200 meters until we reached transition. I was pleased with T2 = 48 sec but reading what others have done – needs improving. As I exited transition i came shoulder to shoulder with #63 “tanks fir drigging me rand da cycle mitt” (i think he was South African) Running is my strongest discipline so I put a bit of pace into the start of the run until I could finally no longer hear #63. Due to my lack of training and the swift 1st part of the run my calf’s were very much grumbling at me with the odd threat of cramp. However the run all went fine and I found myself being able to finish stronger than I expected.

I’ve done this event a couple of time’s now and I love it. Its well organised and carries a fantastic atmosphere with it. I’m very much looking forward to the re-run in Sept. Overall I was slower than last year by 24 seconds but that’s why we keep going back – the personal challenge. S= 07:13 T1=01:02 C=46:19 T2=48s R=20:16

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