Leeds ITU Sprint Distance – 10th June 2018 by Beth

OW swim:750m Bike:18.9K Run:7.5K

I booked this last October in the euphoric state following the Havertri and thinking that I wanted to try an open water triathlon in the future.

When it finally came round I was thinking of how to get out of it without losing face as I realised that I would be going on my own! And it clashed with A levels.Whoops!

Beth bike

Then I discovered that Leigh and Matt were going so at least there would be two familiar faces.
Drove up

on Saturday and found the parking ok and was immediately shocked at how big the whole thing was. Registered ok and spent time sticking on numbers, racking the bike in transition, which was huge!

Wandered round the event village where I bumped into Matt and Leigh which was so nice.Went down to the lake for a recce which was really useful.

The atmosphere was amazing, like a festival but with bikes!

Shuttle bus into Leeds to find hotel (would really recommend the Ibis hotel which was an age group specific hotel).

Up early for breakfast then shuttle bus back to Roundhay. If this all sounds complicated it was very well organised. Nervous wait for the swim to start.I’d watched Youtube videos of the start so I knew we would drop into very deep water before pushing off from the pontoon.We were the last wave to go, so lots of 50+ in a mixed wave.I really enjoyed the swim and tried to put into practice all the elements learnt at Box End with Alice.Felt like I sighted really well but took it quite leisurely.


The distance from the lake to transition was so long and uphill and my bike was at the furthest point,so that’s my excuse for a T1 of 10:30.

The bike course started off up a steep hill straight away so there was a lot of chuntering about gears etc. Really enjoyed the closed roads route notwithstanding the long hills and tight turns. Managed to overtake a few people especially after a motorbike official came alongside and said I was too close to the bike in front and that I should be overtaking. No stopping me after that. Came hurtling back into the dismount line down the hill and then another long run/walk/stagger to transition.

Bike :56:44 T2:04:14

I was dreading the run and as it was now 7.5K to allow for one transition I really thought I would struggle. I was worried about my foot injury that happened after running on the road last October but it felt fine. Lovely leafy run through quiet streets with amazing local support “Come on lass,you can do it”.

Beth run

Last section was down the main road into town where it felt a bit exposed with all the traffic on the o

ther side crawling along as we had the other side to ourselves. Actually inspired me to run faster . Felt very strong but glad to see the last section along The Headrow and I could hear the cheers form the grandstand finish. I was already blubbing before I turned the corner as it was all so overwhelming. I’d done it!


Shuttle bus back to Roundhay proudly wearing medal in a state of happy exhaustion.

Stayed to watch the elite women start the swim before driving back to Cambridge.

The whole experience was so exciting and I would recommend this event to anyone wanting to try their first open water tri at an event with so much atmosphere. Lots of really great memories.


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