Newmarket Triathlon – 15th May 2016 by David

13248359_10156896500620471_1915902922083239316_oOn Saturday evening Liz and I went to the cinema. We saw Eddie the Eagle. A very entertaining film and rather inspirational, with Eddie never giving up even after some dramatic set backs.

So, my experiences of the Newmarket Tri. Most of you will know that I am having huge difficulty trying to learn the front crawl. It gets harder to learn new skills as you get older and at my age……………

So I was pleased with my 8m01s breast stroke swim time, 29s faster than I predicted.

T1 was slowed down by a shirt with tight sleeves not sliding over my wet arms so 1m13s.

The bike went well for me once the first couple of k’s were done. pleased with an average of around 27kph. Slight kerfuffle coming into T2 with an outgoing bike on my side trying to sort his shoes and looking at his feet. Ruined what was going to be a good, well rehearsed, dismount (Josh’s training session). Bike time 48m31s.

T2 ok 47s.

The run I found hard, particularly over the grass, my slow speed being emphasised when I was overtaken by Diane Potter (Wimpole Parkrun), Stiggers and then Katherine although, unlike me, they all had enough breath to say “hello”. But remembering the previous evenings movie and Eddies determination to succeed I was spurred on with just enough left to “sprint” over the line. Run time 25m09m.

Overall time (to be beaten next year) 1h23m42s

I enjoyed the morning and especially the encouragement by the rest of the Bandits.

David the Dodo

Oh, and old age has some compensations, an age group prize. Just had to bide my time!

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