Newmarket Triathlon – 15th May 2016 by Katherine and Rhyan

Our race prep started last night with getting Oliver and Hannah to bed at a record early time. We even managed to get to bed early too (and before midnight – hooray!). But then 4.30am came around far too quickly and porridge at 5am is never that easy, nor is dragging two kids out of bed at 5.30am.

We got to Newmarket in good time (despite having to clear a little ice off the car!). Caroline and Simon were already there and Kevin was not that far behind us. Simon looked the least like a triathlete, complete with woolly jumper and black shoes (but possibly the warmest of all of us).

On to the race!

K: After a quick warm-up in the side pool (and then a swift cool-down waiting pool-side for the start), it was my turn. I was pleased with the swim, but slightly annoyed I was held up for the last length, so couldn’t get a sprint finish but it was great to hear the Meridian support as I got out the pool. 37 seconds quicker than last year – thanks Josh!

R: 10 minutes after Katherine, it was my turn in the pool. It was fairly uneventful, although I was part of a Meridian sandwich – Simon was ahead of me, and Steve was after me. I had hoped to stay in position, but Steve was too fast for me, so he took me just before the last length.

K: T1 was ok, though may have to consider Caroline’s advice of no socks next time. The hill at the beginning of the bike seemed a lot harder than last year, and my dodgy leg (back issue) was quite sore to start with but thankfully it settled down as the bike leg went on. It was good to see Frida out on the course looking strong. 1:36 quicker than last year, so pleased with that.

R: I heeded Kev’s advice to “man up” coming in to T1, so didn’t bother with any additional layers on the bike. It didn’t take long to warm up, anyway, as the sun was out. In the distance, I could see Simon ahead. I like the bike course, so just got my head down and got into a groove. I managed to go past Simon on the first lap of the triangular section, but a couple of higher numbers came past me at various points of the course. I ended up playing cat-and-mouse with #82 along the way, but he got the better of me on the final climb back up to the leisure centre.

K: T2 was going well until I tried to put my second running shoe on and then cramp hit! Ouch! Never had cramp like it before and after a bit of hopping round heard the helpful advice from the Meridian group that had cycled over to rub my calf, I managed to get my shoe on and stagger out of transition. So with one numb foot (from the dodgy back!) and cramp in the other calf the run was never going to be easy. I quite like the run though – round a field, along the road (distracted by the badly rung bells!) and up the hill (repeat!). It was nice to get a shout from Simon as he whizzed past on his bike and before I knew it it was time for the sprint(ish) finish. Good to see Oliver and Hannah on that last bend 🙂 13 seconds slower than last year but not too bad considering!

R: T2 started off badly in that I couldn’t find where to rack my back. Unhelpfully another competitor had taken my original position on the rack, so I had to squeeze my bike in between his and Katherine’s. I soon managed to pick up the pace, though, and overtook someone on the exit. The run I was a bit nervous about, as the last time I ran it I was very uncomfortable (but then again, I had had a late night at Ashley’s 50th birthday party the night before, and had consumed my body weight in pork crackling). I didn’t want the same to happen this time, so stayed off the pork last night. All in all, it went better than expected (considering I haven’t been able to do much training this season). It was nice to hear the encouragement from Meridian folk, and Oliver and Hannah half way round, then Katherine and others at the finish.

So….yes, he did beat me.

R – Swim: 6.21 T1:1.35 Bike:44.26 T2: 34s Run:20.07 Total: 1.13.04
K – Swim :6.50 T1: 1.33 Bike: 45.53 T2: 1.13 Run 19.30 Total: 1.15.01

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