St Neots Triathlon Series – Olympic Distance Race 1

by Jordan

This weekend saw a whole bunch of us compete at the first event in the St Neots tri series and i though i would do a quick write up for anyone considering doing race 2 or 3.

 – fun swim, exposed windy bike course, flat run but expensive race for what you get in terms of race nutrition, finishing refuelling and swag (no medal )

— Organisation/Transition —

Well laid out, not cramped, clear race briefing and generally all good organisation, these guys know what there doing. However no changing area, post race showers or probably enough loos (but when ever is there).

— Swim —

Out and bike river swim where the swans and ducks play just as much as a factor as the bits of tree that got stuck across your face as you swim. My first river swim so i throughly enjoyed it, temperature was pleasant, the first turn is only 350-400m though so unless you get positioning right or can get ahead you may get caught in the washing machine. Finally the water visibility is 0 so seeing anything when your heads down is not possible so being comfortable swimming in a straight line blind and sighting are key. Swim out is on a carpeted ramp which is easy to climb up and the run into T1 is all grass.

— Bike —

Bike out is again all grass bar maybe 3-4m on path to reach the mount line. 2 laps of a course of two halves really. The first half is all gradually up hill into the prevailing wind which today was reasonably strong making it a head down grind. road surface isnt the best so being wary of pot holes is pretty important but the road is quiet and has very few turns (maybe 5 total in a lap). There is one steep hill of maybe 30s effort which signifies the start of the 6-7 mile flat to steady downhill section that allows improving average speed quite significantly. However re entering St Neots isnt that much fun, speed bumps, lots of roundabouts and 1 pretty nasty blind turn make for a interesting dash to T2.

— Run —

2.3km loop makes it a bit shorter than 5 or 10km but has a mix of path and grass with a few hump bridges to test the legs. It is a public park so children and animals are also potential hurdles, but its a fun loop with a water station at the finish/lap marker.

— Overall — 

I enjoyed the race, the impeccable organization, short transition and the quiet course would make me consider doing it again. However at £57 entry for the olympic (with BTF so add another £5 if your not a member) I thought it was very expensive compared to other races when you compare the on course and post race nutrition as well as quality of the goodies. However I appreciate its not about all this stuff and there may be considerable organizational fees. 

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